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Researching BREAK

I'm coming to the end of my residency at Ben Uri Gallery, and wanted to write a post to in some way document the various things I've been up to there over the past few months; things I've learned; thoughts and feelings. This post documents the research phase of the project.

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We Cannot Unsee ending

We Cannot Unsee is over. I feel a bit weird about that, because on the one hand it was a great process to be part of - and on the other, the sense of shared elation after finishing and presenting our work was amazing. We had a fun screening in the BFI, mainly a chance to finally see everyone else's work, but also an interesting Q&A with some of the scientists we'd been working with present.

We Cannot Unsee

Today marked the end of the collective lab sessions as part of We Cannot Unsee. It's been a nice few days – I can't remember the last time someone handed me a Bolex and sent me out onto the street to shoot whatever I want. It's great nice both to get reacquainted with some of the equipment in no.w.here's lab, and also to meet some new – and interesting – film makers.

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