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typography commission

design/typography micro-commission

are you a designer or typographer with a strong connection to south east london?

as part of the tideway arts commissioning programme, artist edwin mingard would like to offer a micro-commission to a local typographic artist.

the brief

to create a typeface for use as part of a large-scale graphic installation that will be sited in greenwich, south east london, for a period of approximately two years.

the typeface should reference, in some understated way, the local area. you could take inspiration from the thames; from the area's maritime history; local cultural diversity and migrant communities; or a combination of these and other things.

the value of the commission is £300.

if selected you will be free to work independently, wherever and however you want, whilst meeting delivery deadlines.

the finished work may be entirely original or it may be adapted from previous work.

eligibility, terms and conditions

    the total value of the commission is £400. the winner of the commission will be contracted on a freelance basis, and be responsible for any related taxes (NI contributions, VAT, for example) where applicable.

    you must live, work or study in south east london. for the avoidance of doubt, any location with an SE postcode is deemed to be south east london.

    you can be at any stage of your career - students and working professionals are welcome to apply.

    applications close on the 8th november 2016. applications received after this date will not be considered.

    final delivery of files will be on or before the 21st november 2016.

    you must be able to provide an exclusive permission for the specific work you deliver.

    you are entitled to use the work in a portfolio and to be recognised as its creator.

    entry form

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    (website; file on dropbox; whatever you'd like)
    submit up to three links to recent typographic work
    is this work entirely your own?
    if not, please provide details of your role under 'any additional information'
    is this work entirely your own?
    is this work entirely your own?