the end of the street

the end of the street


i am currently developing an artists' film about David Dobereiner, octogenarian architect, ecologist, writer and all-round inspirational friend.

The finished work will most likely be originated on colour 16mm film and processed by hand using an environmentally-friendly hand-processing technique. The video above is something short and rough, to introduce Dob and one or two strands of his work to those who may not know him.

A word about my friend

Dob designs utopias. He lives in somebody else's decaying utopia, in which young people now find themselves, without having had a hand in shaping it. From the top floor of what was once the UK's most famous housing estate, designed by pioneering Swedish architects in the 1970s and now one of the most deprived wards in the UK, Dob works on a project that has consumed his entire adult life: designing an eco-city, a modular environment with every aspect based upon principles seen in nature.

Dob provides a route into thinking about how we live. We need take nothing for granted when thinking about our lifestyle and its relationship to the environment. Radical things are happening across the world, some of which are being quietly planned out by inspirational characters in the most unlikely places. I would like the film to be both timely and historic, giving a younger generation an insight into the lives of forebears who tried to change the world in the same way many are doing now.