Stoke old

TBC - Digital - Colour - 2019

Since summer 2018 I have been spending time with a group of young people (14-21) in Stoke on Trent, UK, who are either homeless or who have recently experienced it.

At the centre of the project is an artists’ film made in collaboration with that shifting group of young participants. The intention is to make a small-scale work that speaks to an audience who are not familiar with their way of life, and for the group to feel represented on screen in a genuine way.

I have been teaching members of the group how to use high-end film equipment, which we have operated together. Alongside this I’ve been giving informal lessons in photography and creative writing, and participants have documented their own lives using 35mm photography and disposable cameras.

We’ve also spent evenings together watching short and feature length films depicting young people and homelessness. The views of the group regarding how they’re represented on screen have been an eye opening experience, and I’ve learned a lot.

Supported by: YMCA North Staffordshire, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Foundation