Colour Shift

relevant material/tests from previous work

The work builds upon practical and conceptual research undertaken in previous projects, but adds to that learning significantly. These projects are sometimes Edwin’s work, and sometimes work we’ve made together.

It’s not necessary to watch all of the video material below - most give some sense in the first few seconds or by scrubbing through.

_0002_EO 07 film peel.jpg

Emotion Out (4 mins - super16mm - colour - 2015

showing colour layers in 35mm film

Full details of work (including film extract) here

The work will involve some physical film effects, made in camera and in the darkroom. Here’s an example from a previous project. The video also shows how images might be stitched together to use as a backdrop for the live performance (although the content is very different) - it was used as the backdrop for a performance:

2m 26s - super16mm - b&w - 2015

experiment using abstract 16mm film, composited in after effects. the negative effect is made physically on the film in development, by interrputing the chemical process

The work builds conceptually upon two previous films, both made by Edwin,. one soundtracked by Rozi and Tree Trunks.

Walk 1.5 mins - 2k digital - colour - 2017

Somewhere Else 1.5 mins - super16mm - b&w - 2014

Like those two films, the work will follow two protagonists as they navigate the city at night with a group of others. This narrative thread mirrors a common theme in Rozi’s music videos too, where friends are often seen travelling together, playing games, or in unusual but accessible locations.

Best Team - 4m 35s - 2015 (From Friend on Lost Map Records) Video dir. Jack Barraclough

Humans - 3m 36s - 2011 (from Joined Sometimes Unjoined on Lost Map Records) Video dir. James Hankins

live performance

Sketch showing proposed live performance elements (click to enlarge)

references and visual material