I am a visual artist. I work principally with moving image, making standalone artists' film and installations. My work often takes on mainstream and accessible forms – documentary, music video, glossy magazine – both because it is important to me to engage with people who are not at home in a gallery environment, and because I want to question the value systems underpinning those forms.

I often produce work with small groups of friends, or within a discrete community or interest group, for artistic reasons: I want to celebrate and make visible the joy of the filmmaking process itself and explore its value as a tool for individual and social change. I work using processes designed to enable diverse groups of people to make work together, and to explore wider questions around the use of moving image technologies. This focus is mirrored in the subject matter of my work, which deals with themes around technology, our social environment and relationships with one another.

The intertwining strands of technological and social change are central to my work, and of particular interest is the combined rise of computer processing power and the network that has happened within my own lifetime. Our society is still in the middle of a fundamental change, that I believe will last for my entire life. We should explore that change in a way that is open, and involves humour and play.

I am interested in the 'aesthetic of now'. I have grown up in an environment where it often feels like people are romanticising the past or the future. Things either were better, or they will be. Central to my working process is a commitment to producing things that can only be made now, thereby celebrating the unique moment in which we find ourselves: work which was not possible a few years ago, and will not be possible in a few years' time either. This approach bears most heavily upon process, and is often technical - involving the combination of technologies that are very old (and about to disappear) and those which are very new (and still developing). It can also involve cultural change - fading traditions meeting new ideas - and generational change too.

I studied philosophy at the LSE, and am a Fellow of Teesside University’s Digital Cities programme. My work has been commissioned by the BFI, RSA, Northern Film+Media, the Wellcome Trust, Film London and many other bodies, including academic institutions, public and independent arts organisations and festivals. I mentor and teach other artists on behalf of universities and arts institutions (BFI, ICA, Chisenhale, Newcastle University) and consult on moving image projects for other artists and arts organisations. I am currently developing new installation and moving image work.


Details of shows, talks, teaching, awards etc lives here.

Portfolio of artwork lives here.

Between 2014-17 i set up Deptford Cinema, a volunteer-run arts cinema, alongside a great many other wonderful folks.

I occasionally assist other artists and friends in a technical capacity - as Director of Photography, experimental film consultant, photographer, that kind of thing. Details of that work lives here.

My film work is produced by satellite, an artist-led production company.